Family Portraits: Just the Kids….Part Two {Fredericksburg Virginia Family Portraits}

Just the kids…..Part Two!!!

Want to book your own family session?  Check out my Family Portrait Session Guide HERE on my website!!

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Family Portraits: Just the Kids {Fredericksburg Virginia Family Portraits}

Just the kids – Part One…..

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!!!

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My Healthy New Year….

OK, so this isn’t photography related but since it’s my blog, I can write about what I want….right?!?!?!?  🙂

I am a rather private person and would not normally put personal information for anyone to see but then I thought, if my friend Dawn had never put her personal story out there, I would have never found something that would change my life!

My friend Dawn had posted on Facebook late last year her story about how she had started eating right and exercising.  She wrote about her health issues and how those issues had gone away and how great she felt.  I remember reading her story and was SO excited for her and to think she could overcome some pretty major health issues like that by eating right and exercising.  I don’t recall her mentioning Advocare in her story at that time so being the L.A.Z.Y. person that I am, I felt overwhelmed thinking about where to start to eat right and exercise!!

In January Dawn posted an invitation to an Advocare mixer.  I had never heard of Advocare but was VERY interested because this was what Dawn used to overcome her health issues last year so I did some research and saw that this was a 24 day challenge with everything laid out for you so for my lazy self I thought dang, I can do this!   February 3rd I started my challenge.

Let me go back to WHY I needed to do something to feel better.  I had always been tired. My day would start with a couple cups of coffee and after coffee I would move on to Diet Coke.  It’s not that I ate a lot but I did not eat the right things.  I knew I needed to exercise but was too tired to do that.  I also knew I needed to eat better but I didn’t know where to start.  By the time I started my challenge on the 3rd, I already had cut the Diet Coke down to maybe one every few days but that didn’t make me feel any better or give me more energy.  I wouldn’t eat sweets all day but at night I would have some cookies and milk before bed.  I didn’t think this was a big deal since I didn’t eat that much during the day.

Now on to the first 10 days of my Advocare challenge.  This is the cleanse phase and regardless of how yucky it sounds, this was my favorite part!  Advocare lays out a schedule as to when and what you drink, eat and take your vitamins.   There were days I was not hungry for my snack but it is very important that you follow the schedule to keep your metabolism going.  I felt like I was eating and drinking all day!!!  I lost 5.9 lbs during this 10 day challenge.  BTW, during this phase I did not exercise at all.

After the cleanse you move on to 14 days of the Max Phase.  This phase has a ton of vitamins.  Still plenty of eating!!  On day 24 I ended up losing 4.8 lbs and 5 1/2″ overall.  Today, 38 days after my start, I have lost 6.2 lbs.  I haven’t done the measurements again.  My goal is to lose 15 lbs but 20 would be even better!!  I would be lying if I said that I was happy with the loss of the 6.2 lbs because I am not.  I am actually disappointed because I see people {Advocare Facebook group} that have lost twice what I did in the 24 days but I am struggling with water retention which has been an issue for me for a while.  I had NO water retention during the cleanse phase so after having a conference call yesterday with my coach Dawn and her coach Rachel, I will be adding the fiber and probiotic from the cleanse phase back in to my diet.

As I said, yes, I am disappointed that I haven’t lost more weight BUT I feel GREAT!!  I will lose more weight and believe it or not, I am exercising every. single. day.  Back when I first started the challenge Dawn said to me, you will WANT to exercise and I was like….ummm….yeah right.  She said that she had never exercised before but once she started feeling better and had so much energy, she had to do something with the energy!!  Well, I see what she means now!!

I never looked at this as a “diet”.  I looked at it as a jump start to healthier choices.  There is no obligation to buy anything once the challenge is over but for me, I have continued to use the Spark, Meal Replacement shakes because I am LAZY, MNS vitamins, Catalyst and like I said will be adding the fiber drink and probiotic vitamins.   I have not had any sweets or Diet Coke nor do I want them.  There are other options out there and it is all about discovering them!

One last thing…..when I first started my challenge, I was talking to my son about it and what I was doing.  I told him that there is a whole line of products for athletes and that Drew Brees is a spokesperson for the products.   He said that Drew Brees sucks and that was the end of that!!  Well, a few weeks later he was researching what the best things he could be doing for his body to get ready for this coming football season…..he found that Advocare products were at the top of the list.  Pretty funny because he has had a complete change of heart.  He may think Drew Brees still sucks but he is using the supplements now to be in the best shape he can be come this football season.

Thanks for listening!!!


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New Product for Seniors ~ Metal Prints!!

Well, the 8×10 Metal Print isn’t JUST for seniors but I have included it in one of my Senior Collection Packages!!  It can also be purchased A la carte for $45.

I am in LOVE with it!  It is so much prettier in real life!! LOL!!!  I have it displayed here in my studio and will be adding many more product samples in the coming weeks.

The image is mounted on a 1/16″ piece of metal.  It has rounded corners and it’s own metal easel that is attached to the back of the print.

Here is a sample of the print.  It’s hard to tell by the picture but there is a beautiful glossy finish.

8x10 Metal Print

Here is a close up look of the metal edge:
8x10 Metal Print Side View


This is the metal easel:
8x10 metal Print Stand

Interested in booking a photo session with me?  Now is the time!!  I have discounted my Session Fees by 25%.  The sale ends tomorrow!!

25% off session fees 2014


Have a great day!


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Massaponax High School Senior ~ India | Fredericksburg Virginia Photographer

India will be graduating from Massaponax High School in the spring but already has started working on her nursing degree.  I admire her for first, knowing what she wants to do with her life and second, pursuing that life by working hard.  She is such an amazing girl and I KNOW her parents are so proud of her!! Here are just a few of my favorites from her session: 044FBWM 069FBWM 104-1-FBWM 135-1FBWM



290FBWM 300FBWM 427FBWMFor more information about my senior sessions, check out my session guide HERE.   For more samples of my work, visit my facebook page.

Have a great day!


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Megan ~ Caroline High School Senior {Fredericksburg Virginia Photographer}

Woohooooo!!!!  I’m blogging a session from last August!!! LOL!!!  I hate to rush into anything!!!

I enjoyed my session with Megan so much!!!  She is a beautiful girl who is definitely going places.  Her mom, who I have known for YEARS, and her grandma came as well!  It was so fun to catch up with them!!!

The location of this shoot was here on my property as well as my neighbors.  Here are just a few of my favorites from the session:
506FBWM340FBWM307FBWM505-2FBWM179FBWMShe has GORGEOUS hair!!

017FBWMHer eyes are really that blue and beautiful!!

288midtone,wb,ed,pyn,bt 315-2FBWM 138FBWMThank you for stopping by and don’t forget to “like” my facebook page to stay informed about upcoming events & specials!!

Stay warm!!!


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Holiday Mini Sessions ~ Fredericksburg, Virginia

I forgot to blog this!!!  There is only one session left on October 20th at 3:30 pm!

2013 Mini Session AdHere are a few pictures from last years sessions: mini session2 Mini Session 3Mini Session 1If you are interested in a mini session, please contact me at or {540}850-5334!!





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